LEONARDO DA VINCI, PROEFP, “Innovative approach in reintegration of students into VET system” 9-16th of May 2014, No. LLP-LDV-VETPRO-2013-LT-0924



Programme Leonardo da Vinci, VETPRO

No. LLP-LdV-VETPRO-2013-LT-0924

“Innovative approach in reintegration of students into VET system


9-16th of May 2014, Paris



 Lilija Zableckienė – Marijampolė Vocational Training Centre

Marytė Bistrickienė - Biržai Technology and Business School

Violeta Vileikienė – Šiauliai Vocational Training Centre
Branguolė Šimkūnienė – Šiauliai Vocational Training Centre
Gražina Chodorovič – Vilnius Builders Training Centre
Audronė Andriuškienė - Vilnius Builders Training Centre
Ana Grincevič - Vilnius Builders Training Centre
Vaiva Butrimienė - Vilnius Builders Training Centre


During the training the participants have learned about:

- The French educational system, particularly in the vocational training system and compared with the vocational education system of Lithuania;

-        The role of social partners in vocational training;

-        The evaluation criteria, tasks, examinations, external examinations;

-        The process of exam preparation and organization of the assessment;

-        Visited workshops and professional areas of vocational schools;

-        The cooperation between vocational schools and companies / employers in France.

At the seminar on the French education system, participants familiarized themselves with vocational training in France and had the opportunity to compare the Lithuanian vocational education system.