Partenariat éducatif GRUNDTVIG, International Voluntary Work - Who - Why – What, partenariat éducatif Grundtvig (2011 – 2013), n°2011-1-DK1-GRU06-03530 6, 4th Partner meeting in Aarhus



4th Partnermeeting in Aarhus, Denmark, September 17 – 18, 2012

Sunday 16 September


13:00 Introduction by project-coordinator Mr. Christian Dietrichsen to By-I-By

Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture in 2017 and the idea of the City-In-City project is to envisage how private and public involvement based on volunteering can achieve the goals Aarhus has set itself as Cultural Capital. 

The vision of the CITY in CITY project is to build, create, and give life to a temporary and growing organism of high content and aesthetic quality right in the very center of Aarhus next to the Cathedral.

Carried by volunteering and engagement across disciplines, industries, environments, attitudes and points of departure. Local companies from the construction industry, students from the city's educational instittutions and artists in various forms of cooperation. It is more than just a physical frame. There will be life in the CITY during the construction process created by cultural, businesses, educational institutions and citizens in Aarhus. The municipality of Aarhus supports the project financially together with private sponsors and foundations.


14:15 Visit to “Den Gamle By” (Market Town Museum) – open air museum and tourist atrraction. Introduction to the place and its volunteers.




First Mrs. Lisbet Kristensen told us how a lot of volunteers work alongside paid staff in a lot of different functions. It is a museum of authentic buildings from all over Denmark. The oldest are more than more than 400 years old. The houses have been pulled down brick by brick and rebuilt in Aarhus according to the original architectural drawings. It is a living museum with volunteers and paid people manning the shops and workshops as sellers and craftsmen 100 years ago.


 Reminiscence flat

During the last couple of years the museum has erected a “new” old town dating from the 1950’ies till the 1970’ies – 40 to 60 years back from now when agriculture was superseded by industry and trade in the towns and cities. In one of the buildings they have furnished a flat exactly as in the fifties with furniture, magazines, photos, music from gramophone records, beds and linen, kitchen utensils, and the smell of soap and floor wax. They invite residents from care centers and senior institutions to visit and the flat triggers memories from their youth. There are many examples of demented persons who regain their vocabulary and relate memories their fellow inmates and the staff had not heard about before.


19:00 Supper at “Godsbanen”

The Freight Yards is new creative center in the area of a former railway goods yard with theatres, art galleries, film school, and shops for woodwork and printing open to all citizens of Aarhus.


Monday 17 September

9:30 Coordinators’ meeting at FO Headquarters.


  1. Dissemination
    Partners were urged to become more active contributors to the and our Facebook profile. All have got passwords.

  2. Dates decided for meetings in Poland (January 2013) and Greece (May)

  3. Senior Volunteer Exchange programme
    By way of PowerPoint the coordinator gave a brush-up of how and when to apply for funding; and he stressed that the call in February 2013 will be the last one ever, because the LLL programme will be reshuffled for the next programme period 2014 – 2020. Although there still will be focus on the ageing population this particular sub programme will not be continued.

  4. Application for a new Grundtvig project
    We had all been inspired by the concept of the 1950’es flat as a social outreach service. And as 2014 probably will be the EU Year we decided to do a Grundtvig bid about art and culture providing room for supporting mental health.


11:00 Visit to Ældresagen (DaneAge).

The rest of the partnermeeting was hosted by Ældresagen who have premises in FO-byen. The foreign partners were introduced to this major voluntary senior NGO with more than 400 active volunteers in Aarhus.


The mission of DaneAge is to fight for a society in which all can live long and good lives; a society in which:

         The person is more important than their age,

         It is possible to live and flourish on their own terms,

         Support and care is available for those who need


The volunteers do social-humanitarian work, strengthening the networks of older people living alone, escorting them to hospitals, touring as Nightowls in some of the largest housing areas en Aarhus, relieving seniors with demented spouses.

They run a lot of membership activities e.g. hiking, Nordic walking, petanque, the Internet, foreign languages, card games, dance classes.


13:00 Walking with the Nightowls in large housing areas in the west of Aarhus

To get an impression of one of the social-humanitarian activities we accompanied teo groups of “Nightowls” who are senior volunteers putting in an appearance in this neighborhood between 1 and 3 pm when the kids go home from school.

Their main purpose is to be out and about among youngsters and by responsible action help prevent violence, vandalism, and crime. Performed voluntarily by adults in cooperation with local social welfare and educational authorities, the police, and corporations.


16.00 The Greek delegation left for the Billund Aairport



18:00 Farewell supper with the French and Polish delegation.