Partenariat éducatif GRUNTDVIG, Creative Learning in Education United, (2012 – 2014), n°2012-1-LT1-GRU06-07151 5, 5th meeting in Istanbul


 GRUNDTVIG partnership “Creative Learning in Education United”


5th Partners’ Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey – May 25-28th 2014




  • France: Giedre Cibulskaité (coordinator of Eurl Aristote), Lucile Garnier (trainee, Aristote), Tomas Versinskas (teacher at Eurl Aristote), Béatrice Sauvageot (speech therapist).


  • United Kingdom: Kimmo Kosunen(teacher at from Tellus), Ben Taylor (Tellus).


  •  Italy: Riccardo Magni (coordinator of COAT), Sabrina Proietti, Silvano Baratta (MD and president of COAT Onlus).


  •  Turkey: Filiz Arik (coordinator of Kutahya Valiligi).



25TH MAY Sunday



 26 th May Monday

10:00-12:00 Final meeting –Discussion of e-book

- Evaluation of the Project

- European Shared treasure;

- Final version of CLEU BOOK;

- Final report.


12:00-13:00 Lunch

14:00-17:00 Dilkon (Language and Audio Center)

 Dil Konuşma İşitme Özel Eğitim Merkezi, İSTANBUL / BAHÇELİEVLER,  Şirinevler Mahallesi Fetih Caddesi Fetih 3 Sokak No:2-4City Plaza 5.-6.Kat.

The speech therapy is very innovative in Turkey. Only in 2013 the first master diploma of the speech therapist.

Dilkon centre is working with groups and individuals, especially with children having speech, mental and behaviour disorders. We met the director of the centre, psychologist and speech therapist. Discussions about the differences and similarities between project’s countries. Dilkon uses cognitive behaviour therapy, music therapy, invites music teachers,



27th Tuesday


 A visit to TOHUM OTIZM CENTER - (the best in Turkey in the field of autism), Merkez Mah. Sıracevizler Cad. Zülfikarlar İş Hanı No:27 Kat.1  Şişli.

We were welcomed by the director the centre. This private centre was found in 2003.  They have school and clinic program.  Funded partly by the state, families and donations.  Autism centre has 24 children in school program, 102 children in the clinic programme. Their methods: creative learning, pictures, modeling based on psychological diagnosis, musical therapy: piano, dance, performance at the end of the year. Tohum uses ipads applications.