Partenariat éducatif GRUNDTVIG,European perspectives on raising social competencies of offenders, partenariat(2012 – 2014), n° 2012-1-LT1-GRU06-07133 7, 3rd Partner meeting in Antalya

3rd Meeting

Antalya, Turkey

23-28 September 2013







Greece, Thessaloniki

3rd Second Chance School in Diavata State Prison

Triantafyllia Marinopoulou






Lithuania, Elektrenai

Elektrenai  Centre  Of Vocational  Training


Silva  Lengviniene






Spain, Madrid

Cepa Yucatan

Elvira Rami Villar

Elena Simón Hermoso

Jesús Emilio Izquierdo Rodríguez




Italy, Naples


Ministry Of Justice

Prap Campania



Angelo Sorrentino

Dolorosa Franzese

Sabato Costabile

Rita Roman

Federico Zaccaria 





South London Business

Any Participant


Turkey, Antalya


Antalya Republic Attorney


Ertan Ünsal

Güngör Çabuk

Burcu Kaya

Sabri Hatipoglu



France, Paris


Giedre  Cibulskaite

Tomas Versinskas

Ala Sava



Romania 1, Bucharest


Irina Paraschiv

Anton Gerca

Catalin Stroe Blazian

 Antoanela Cristina Teoroc

Nina Stroe

Stefan Teoroc



Romania 2, Bucharest

Asociatia O Noua Sansa In Viata

Livia Hoaja

Mihaela Dita

Vlad Filimon-Nastase

Luminita Marioara Blaga

Ioan Blaga



·   presenting and discussing the experience of Turkish partner

·  discussing about  the  joint educational programme with European added value

·  discussing project  evaluation process.

·  discussing the disseminating results of the meeting locally in each country

·planning the meeting in Paris on March  17 – 22, 2014



·         Presenting experience of  Turkish partners, exchange of  expertise and good practices. Questions and answers with Sabri and his colleagues about their work and experiences.

·         Advantages and limitation in implementation of the project.  Ups and downs.  Brone, LT

·         EPRSCO training programme. Integrating and formalizing the parts of topics to joint document.    Irina Paraschiv, RO1

·         Local dissemination activities of the project.  Filio, Christina, GR

·         Cooperation and communication between participating institutions of the project.  Elena, Emilio, ES

·         Evaluation of the project activities. Evaluation strategy. Evaluation tools.  Angelo, IT

·         Dissemination of the projet. Dissemination tools.  Livia, RO2

·         Development of the project www.  Peter, UK

·         Planning the meeting in Paris on March 17 – 22,   2014.    Giedre, FR

·         Discussions, suggestions.

·         Official ending and final conclusions.


Subsequent conclusions

Our project started on September 24th. We prepared to opening ceremony with all participants and member of Turkish Probation Board. All participants made a breakfast together at hotel together at Sea Life Hotel. Mr. Ertan Ünsal and Mrs. Brone Vilutiene made opening speach.

After Opening Ceremony, started to official working at Sea Life Hotel Meeting Hall. We gave all of participants to their folders which included detailed working program, guidebook, movie about Kaleiçi and some gifts. Then, All participants made their presantation about works and experiences. Some of countries shared to their gifts to others.

Once we finished the introductions, we had a coffee break at hotel. We shared their experiences and opinions. After that coffee break we made last presantations and finished their official work. We planned Paris meeting together.

After finished offical workind we went to Atatürk Park for lunch with bus. Then we visited to Kaleiçi (Old Town) and other squares of Antalya at city center.

Next day 25th Wednesday, we visited Antalya L Typed Closed Prison, we went to prison by bus. It is 40 Km from city center. After security control we went to library of prison. Antalya Republic Attorney’s Head Prosecuter Mr. Adnan Tabar speech for say welcome all visitors. After his speach Mr. Sabri Hatipoğlu gave information about Prison. All participants asked many question about Turkish executaion system and First Manager of Prison Mr. Şeref Tatlı and other staff answered their question. Then we gave cofee break and visitors and other prison staff shared their experiences. After the cofee break we started to visit prison. Firstly we went to unit which children prisoners stay here. All of participants could visit children’s rooms and could speak with them.

Then we went to Sport Hall when women prisoners sported here with their trainer.  After this, we went to two ateliers which women in project worked here. Our visitors examined that ateliers and connected with women prisoner and saw their products.

After finished women units we went to ceramic atelier. In that place, all of visitors could buy what they want here. They examined all of products and gave information about ceramics. Lastly we went to prison kindergarten which is first kindergarten in Turkish prisons. All visitors could speak with children who are between 3-6 years old and they stay here with their family. At the last, before left prison, Mrs. Brone Vilutiene wrote her opinions and suggestions about prison to honor book. After left to prison, we went to ORFE restaurant for lunch. After lunch we came back to hotel with bus.

On Thursday, we had the cultural part of the meeting where we could enjoy some of historic and touristic places in Antalya. We went to Phaselis Antic City for visit open museum and swimming wonderfull sea. After 3 hours at Phaselis we went to Natural Park Ulupınar special fish restaurants for lunch. Then we went to Antalya Viewing Area and saw all of city as panoramic. After that place we came back to hotel and made farewell at Sea Life Hotel Meeting Halls. All of participants thanked to Turkish team for that meeting and good organized plan.

Here you will find some photographs of the meeting.

Opening Ceremony and Breakfast

Turkish team’s presentation

Lithuanian team's presentation

French team's presentation


Group Photo at Atatürk Park

Visit to the prison

Group Photo at Prison Entrance