Partenariat éducatif GRUNTDVIG, Creative Learning in Education United, (2012 – 2014), n°2012-1-LT1-GRU06-07151 5, 1st meeting in Kütahya

Kick-off Meeting




1.      Tellus Group, England,

2.      Kutahya Valiliği, Turkey

3.      Eurl Aristote, France

4.      Coat, Italy


In the meeting first of all all necessary issues for Project management is discussed according to the programme;


-Visit to the Governor


-Opening Session-Welcome

-Introduction of partner organizations

- presentation and discussion of Project in general

-presentation and discussion of Project workpackages

-Discussion about meetings

-Distrubition of tasks

-Budget management 

-Dissemination activities



Distribution of tasks;

1-have a questionnare template by the end of the January by English partner,(the partners will fill in and send to Turkish partner by the beginning of February)

2-design a Project logo by French partner by the 15th of February ,

3-have the 1st newsletter by Turkish partner about the general idea and focus of the Project,the reasons for speech impairment,(France,Italy and Turkey will make the translation of newsletter into their national langauages by the end of February)

4-have an outline for “common practice report” by the end of April which will be about;

*what is the general approach provided by law for the pupils with disability(special education)?

*What health services are avaliable?

*How are the terapists and educators are educated?

*the reasons for speech disorder, are they after some kind of illnesses such as cerebral palsy,hear impairment,down sendrome,autism ?

Italy will lead other partners for “Common Practie Report” to be done by each partner first locally and then all reports will be gathered into general report.

5-have common place on “wordpress” to dissaminate Project and its activities by the end of March by Turkey.


6-have the second meeting in Perugia,Italy between the dates 19th-24th May.

The results of the first meeting are;

-questionnare template for the first meeting,

-project logo

-wordpress space for the Project

-1st newsletter